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Loan for Overseas labor Service

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Cross-border RMB settlement business

Business Profile

Cross-border RMB settlement refers to the Enterprises use RMB customs declaration to do RMB import and export trade settlement.

Business advantage

We can provide the customers with the integration of foreign currency.

All kinds of settlement methods and tools in the current international settlement shall be applicable to the RMB settlement, including letters of credit, collection, remittance and other instruments of settlement and settlement related trade financing and other services.

Service function

Conducive to the enterprise to avoid exchange rate risk;

Saving the exchange cost of currency conversion;

Reduce the cost of foreign currency derivatives transactions and other hedging costs for enterprise;

Provide more financing options for our customers.

Business Process

Refer to the current international settlement of the various settlement operations and related business processes.


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The brief introduction of Bank of Jining

Bank of Jining, which was originally Jining Commercial Bank, opened in August, 2006 approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. In December 2009, its name was changed to Bank of Jining. It is the only joint-stock corporate bank of which head office locates in Jining.

Since the beginning, Bank of Jining has always consisted on the market positioning of serving the local economics, the SMEs and the citizens. It takes full advantages of the convenience of management of corporations, the fast speed of decision making, and the flexibility of operating system, having steady business development. By the end of JUN, 2016, Bank of Jining has 6 trans-regional branches, 65 sub-branches and one specialized institution. It has 1485 working stuff. The total assets are up to 47.5 billion. The deposit balance is up to 33.7 billion. The loan balance is up to 23.8 billion. All business indicators are at high level compared to the same domestic business. It supports 12551 SMEs, which takes up 99.8% of the loan enterprises. The amount of the loan by SEMs is up to 22.44 billion, which takes up more than 90% of all the loans. Bank of Jining plays a role as the financial main force in many aspects, like solving the employment problem, adding the resident income and supporting local economics.

Under the bright guiding of the municipal Jining city committee of CPC and the local government, Bank of Jining takes the scientific development as the subject, actively support reform and innovation and keeps on a different, special development path. It develops the quality and efficiency of service in all aspects, devoting into being the regional modern business bank. In recent years, Bank of Jining takes faster steps on expending the institution. The coverage rate of whole institution branches is up to 100%. The trans-regional development strategy has broken through. The branches in Heze, Zaozhuang, Zibo, Taian, Linyi and Rizhao opened one by one. There are already six Confucian business bank branches which are started and held by Bank of Jining.

Be grateful and don’t forget to pay back society. Bank of Jining is the first bank in the whole province which started the “credit and loan factory of small and micro enterprises” mode, which made a “sunshine” financing way for the development of small and micro enterprises. Micro credit center became the fourth special institution in Shandong Province which gained the license of special institution given by China Banking Regulatory Commission. It strengthens the features of Cheapness and convenience, launching new financial services as Confucian Business card service, international service, “e road bank” E bank and “Confucian business e pay” mobile bank. By building a great financial service brand, Bank of Jining is trying to be a modern and boutique bank with great strength, good reputation, and developed management. It also tries to be a bank respected by the society.

After all these years, with good service image and extraordinary business performance, Bank of Jining was awarded as “advanced gross-roots communist party organization” and “pioneer gross-roots communist party organization” by Shandong Provincial Party of CPC. It was also awarded as “civilized standard service demonstration company by China Banking Association and “civilized company” by the civilization committee of Shandong province. It has been assessed as level 2 for 4 years in the supervision assessment made by China Banking Regulatory Commission and has been given AAA award for 7 years in the assessment of local financial enterprises by finance department of Shandong province. It was at the 17 place in the list of the competitiveness of city business banks in China by The Banker.